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How I Walk Into Any Class As A Substitute Teacher And Quickly Set The Scene For A Productive And Relaxed Day Of Substitute Teaching

I Discovered Real Substitute Teaching Ideas And Techniques That Work
After 4 years Of Permanent Teaching And 3 Years Of Substitute Teaching By D
ealing With A Variety Of "Challenging" Behaviors

Just How Can You Immediately Enter A Classroom Today And Be A Confident, Relaxed And In-Demand Substitute Teacher? 

Dear Substitute Teacher,

Have you ever walked into a class dreading what was to happen next or at the end of day walked out of the class-from-hell and despairingly thought there has to be a better way?

Years ago when I began my pre service teaching while still at university I daydreamed and sometimes ranted why there was not a specific template of ideas/advice that helped new teachers (specifically me!). Sure there were general teaching textbooks, but no step by step blueprint - just what to you say and exactly what do you?

Fast forward 5 years to the day when I took leave from permanent classroom teaching and began substitute teaching – the same thoughts came around, although it was much easier because I had my years of full time experience behind me.

In my journal at that period of time, I still have the brainstormed list of notes that I wished was available at that time and… …I thought one day I would like to help other teachers out there with this info.

I guess it was bit of a dream until the internet arrived and I realized this idea just may be possible. I think it’s stupid to reinvent the wheel over and over again, unfortunately teaching is a profession where a large number jealously guard their “secrets” - lesson ideas, behavior management ideas, let alone sharing their years of wisdom.

Of course there are a number of hard copy books around on a range of teaching matters but oftentimes its hard getting specific, up to the minute relevant advice on different topics, especially substitute teaching. Also, the stuff out there talks about general principles NOT specific things to say and exactly what to do.

During my teaching career I observed and took notes of excellent teachers and what they did and applied it on my own teaching.

Unaware I was basically carrying out a NLP (Neuro linguistic programming) approach – that is, copying excellent behaviors and implementing them myself.

So this is the result of my years of intense learning that can only come from doing it yourself with the benefit of great mentors and colleagues.

I understand what it’s like to enter a class of students who you’ve never set eyes upon and within 15 minutes fistfights breakout, students are literally swinging from the rafters and even the principal is chasing a student around the room.

I also know what it’s like to be cheered when you enter the room after only teaching them for a day.

The reason why substitute teaching has such a reputation and burn out rate is.. I may venture, no mentoring or induction by experienced substitute teachers.
(Note - I stated substitute teachers - not full time class teachers).

BEWARE - Substitute teaching is very different from standard classroom teaching

- when I had my own class for a whole year I had the first term to set the expectations…with substitute teaching I have literally 5 minutes.

This book was a labor not so much of love but to give tried and tested advice that will shortcut the steep learning curve of substitute teaching.

And this appeals to my idealistic side, it leads to better teachers which leads to better students and ultimately to a better society.

This e-book is the result of 7 years of real life, in your face, been there, done that, teaching in the trenches, of the classrooms of today.

So what… you may ask?

The advice and proven tips that this information provides save you a whole 7 years of trial and error, 7 years of blood, sweat and tears and most importantly 7 years of YOUR life.

Practical and requested information demanded by current and prospective Substitute Teachers

  • substitute teaching advice, help, tips, preparation, qualities, hints, tricks, notes – all saving you TIME, money, reading and researching..really what price on TIME saved can you place?

  • planning, problems, first day rules, checklistsreducing your STRESS levels and upping your confidence.

  • Student and classroom management – the “biggie” – why so many subs give up..and really this is arguably THE most important aspect of substitute teaching – why getting a handle on this area will give you Zen like calm, self satisfaction, teacher and admin approval. Imagine not feeling your stomach churning, or your blood pressure rising…

  • Be congratulated and thanked by teachers and even parents and most importantly the students themselves. Avoid being talked about as “unprofessional” and have teachers request you for their class!

  • Select as much (or little) work as you desire – earn more income, know when your next job is, even pick and choose when and where you work! Imagine the security and peace of mind of knowing when the next paycheck is coming in…and let the financial stresses dissipate as you no longer have to wait by the phone in the dark at 530am on a chilly morning.

  • Use substitute teaching as a step to a full time teaching career if you so desire – the skills of classroom management, communication and knowing what a classroom is really like gives you an unassailable edge if your dream is to work full time making a difference in students lives, a respected and honorable profession, great benefits and decent paid holidays.

  • Work anywhere you desire! With substitute teaching the world’s your classroom! Imagine subbing in the UK, Ireland, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand and the fantastic life experiences that will occur!

  • Establish fantastic rapport with students – yes, substitute teaching is partly a sales job – and when the customers are happy…it’s a great feeling to have those students ask when will you be coming back to class, or coming up to you days later when you’re with another class just to say hello.

  • Downloadable instantly. Implement this advice in the classroom tomorrow! The sooner you get your hands on this information the quicker the results and the sooner your confidence levels go up and your stress levels go down!

So, what exactly does the ebook cover?

Introduction: My "Secret" to Substitute Teaching 
Chapter 1: Choose what Type of Substitute Teacher you want to be
Chapter 2: The Essentials to being an Excellent Substitute Teacher
Chapter 3: Eleven Substitute Teaching Technical Skills you Need to Know
Chapter 4: The Actual Steps of Substitute Teaching Behaviour Management
Chapter 5: A Step by Step Behavior Management Timeline for the Substitute Teacher
Chapter 6: What must a Professional Substitute Teacher know?
Conclusion: Four Things you Absolutely MUST take away from this Book
Appendix 1: Complete Substitute Teacher Checklists
Appendix 2: Substitute Teaching Kit
Appendix 3: Substitute Teacher Report

So what’s the deal for saving 7 years of experience, stress, uncertainty and ignorance?

What’s a graduate degree in education worth? Behavior courses, accelerated learning seminars, and the rest. How about the hundreds of text books to pore through just to get some nugget of information?

Then count the days volunteering and working in a whole spectrum of schools including younger to older students, English as a second Language schools, "exclusion" (i.e expelled students), disabled/special schools, juvenile justice programs, permanent class teaching and of course "standard" schools.

What about actually knowing what works and what doesn’t?

Here's What People are Saying...

"Buying an E book can be risky business.  You often get limited information and a link to a more expensive second book or DVD's that cover the information you thought you had just bought. 
How refreshing it was to read a book that covered everything it said it would and more in a clear and concise manner that is easy to apply gives you the confidence to stand in front of the classroom.
Not only does Stu know his stuff, he holds nothing back for a second product.  
Thanks for being straight, for not trying to upsell me and for giving me a very practical tool that enables me to commence Teaching at the time of my choosing with confidence." 
Dave Baker


The investment is $67 = an investment that shortcuts your learning curve and saves you massive amounts of time searching and reading.

Finally let’s not forget the value of YOUR much will you save by reading this gold mine of hard to get information?

Will this information lead to better results in the classroom and a steady request for your substitute teaching skills?

Why so low you might ask? I mean this is earned in less than a day of substitute teaching…

Maybe the value will be in the intangible but priceless feelings of satisfaction and confidence you’ll gain with this new found knowledge.

Be one of the few confident substitute teachers.

You be the judge.

Now you may be thinking - Stu - 7 years experience is great but what about 20 years experience? 

My response is it depends on the results you're after.

There are excellent teachers who have been teaching for 20 years and there are not-so-excellent teachers who have been teaching for 20 years.

There are excellent chefs who have 5 years experience but pursue excellence where as there are chefs who have been cooking for many years and are just "ok".

I believe experience counts but commitment to excellence and what works counts for more.

NOW to add immense value to this unique offer I’ve thrown in some valuable bonuses:

IMPORTANT!!!! Order now and receive the following bonuses absolutely FREE

  • The newbies 10 point guide to substitute teaching - Exactly what a new substitute teacher needs to do to have stress free days.

  • Faqs to substitute teaching - the most common questions answered for the prospective substitute teacher.  

  • 10 point plan that virtually guarantees work - details on how to make sure  that you receive as much work as you can handle.

Anything else?

How about my ironclad - rock solid – no questions asked – guarantee

Try as many of the valuable tips as you like. Once you've used these strategies, I'm confident you'll NEVER want to send it back!

In fact try it for half the school year – that’s 6 whole months. If you can’t get one days work which is more than the price of the e-book - then quite frankly you need to contact me to see what you’re doing wrong!

Remember, if the e-book doesn't live up to your expectations, you won't be out one red
cent. So - you have nothing to lose. If you’re unsatisfied for any reason whatsoever you’ll get a fast, courteous 100% refund.

Why am I so confident of offering such a sensational guarantee?

Think about’re a substitute or prospective substitute teacher.. so obviously you have a good degree of intelligence and a healthy amount of skepticism..

If this information isn’t usable and of high quality….then you get 100% of your money back…so why on earth would I do this for nothing?!

Sure, there’ll be unscrupulous types who’ll use this info and ask for a refund anyway…but you life/school..the majority of people/students are honest and do the right thing…(and if you don’t believe that maybe you shouldn’t be in the teaching profession).

So, I can’t make it any fairer than that..

But in actual fact I can.

If you do request a refund you get to keep the bonuses for free!

That’s my way of under promising and over delivering.

Your information packed, search friendly e-book will be electronically delivered. Purchase now and you can have this permanent resource with the 100% satisfaction guarantee for only $47. That’s $67 value for just $47. Act quickly! 
So, order now with complete security through Paypal by clicking on the button below

The bonuses are time limited, I will test which ones are popular and will remove all or some of them at anytime.

So please don’t reload this page…I’m not going to say “available by x date only” because I am testing different bonuses and webpages so the offer will change at anytime. (so please don’t email to ask to “swap” bonuses).


Stu Hammer
Currently Practicing substitute teacher.


PS. If you're still reading this, then I'm assuming you're still thinking about whether you should grab Substitute Teaching Success today or not...

Where else are you going to get these practical substitute teaching principles and advice?

For example, how you can do one little action within a couple minutes of entering a classroom that will set the tone for the rest of the day?

This means feeling absolutely confident, and ready to go, within moments of entering class, so you never have to struggle to re establish yourself in the morning...

You'll find all of this, including a step-by-step plan to implement it into your substitute teaching career, in Substitute Teaching Success.

The best part is you don't even have to decide to keep the book today, you can 'test drive' the techniques for cranking up your substitute teaching confidence and skills for a full 180 Days! (That's 6 Months)

This is Risk free to you with the upside being satisfaction, peace of mind and a solid Substitute Teaching skill set that schools are crying out for. 

If the principles don't work exactly the way I said they would, at any time, you can simply contact me via e-mail, and I'll issue you a prompt and courteous refund of your entire investment.

Remember, Substitute Teaching Success is being offered with these bonuses for a limited time, because the price is being tested you can still get it for $67  $47 plus get the extra valuable Substitute Teaching bonuses, absolutely free.

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